Friday, December 24, 2010

tree skirt

Here is a confession: I'm obsessed with interior design. I can't get enough! I follow a ton of design blogs and am constantly inspired for DIY projects around my house. This typically isn't a crafty blog... but I think it might start recording my fun (simple) projects on here. 

A project I've been working on recently is this little beauty:

A pretty tree skirt. Here is what you need:

3 yards of wool felt (might need more depending on how close together you put your flowers)


A spool of matching thread

A pencil

And a string.

That's it! This project is super simple... just very time consuming. So lets get started!

First step is tying your string to your pencil. I made my string approximately 3 feet long. Have someone help you hold the end of the string in the middle of your fabric and then swing your pencil around to draw a circle. Cut out your circle. Then place a bowl in the middle of the circle you cut out. Cut out THAT circle. Then cut a straight line from the outside of the skirt to the inside circle. It should look like this...

Now for the flower petals... Cut out a BUNCH! You can fold up your fabric to get two or more petals at a time. Don't fret too much over the shape. Just as long as they are pointy ovals. They should look like this...

Now get a single petal and pinch an end together (this is to give it some dimension) and sew it together.

With that same string attach another petal next to your first petal.

Just keep going... attach 5-6 petals for each flower.

Then layer your finished flowers around the outside of the skirt. Just make sure you can't see the edge of the circle you cut out. 

Here is the finished skirt! Pretty cute huh. I got the idea from a tree skirt I saw online. That one cost about $200... I paid under $25. Sweet. 

Our tree is looking kinda crazy right now... it is in dire need of some more decorations. And this year we got a HUGE one. It takes up a lot of room in our tiny home.

Oh, and I just wanted to share this sweet thing my father-in-law made us this year. It's a star for our Christmas tree. He has made one for each of his 7 married kids! This year was our turn to get one. On the back it has some really cute bells. I love it. 



  1. That is so cute Makell! I think I could maybe make that...I'll try next year! Haha. I'm excited to see all your little projects on here. You should advertise your design blog on facebook so we can all get the link to it!

  2. I love love love this! I am SO making one for next year!

  3. So stinking cute! I think I'll have to jump on the bandwagon too. maybe if I start next month, i'll have it made by december.