Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Utah Valley Bridal Magazine

This ad will be in the 2011 Utah Valley Bridal Magazine!

I feel very privileged to be designing for Wadley Farms, the #1 reception center in Utah. It is such a beautiful place, if you are planning on getting married soon you should definitely go see what they have to offer. Check out their website (soon to be revamped):

And yes that is my gorgeous little sister.

Photography by my friend Jed Colledge... check him out here.


  1. Makell!! That is awesome!! CONGRATS! Nicole looks amazing, of course! I didn't know you were designing for them, that is so much fun! The link to your friends photography blog isn't working though, i want to see more!

  2. You guys did an awesome job on this. It looks fabulous. Thanks Hayley you're sweet.